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“Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery and would exist if all humanity forgets it, so it is with the laws that govern the spiritual world. The moral, ethical and spiritual relations between soul and soul and between individual spirits and the Father of all spirits were there before their discovery and would remain even if we forget them.”

~ Swami Vivekananda

College Common Room

One hall has been provided for the Men Students’ Common Room and one Common Room for the Women Students

There is provision for indoor games such as carrom, chess etc. are placed in the Common Room for use of students at their leisure hours Students have to contribute a Common Room fee at the time of admission. The game articles shall be carefully preserved by users themselves.

All affairs of the Common Room shall be managed by a committee which shall consist of

(1) The Principal

(2) One of the Readers/Lecturers to be nominated by the Principal who will be in-charge of Vice-President of the Common Room and to whom all complaints are to be made.

(3) The Secretary and the Asst. Secretary are to be elected from among the students.

The Secretary or Asst. Secretary should see that proper discipline is maintained in the Common Room and the short - comings are brought to the notice of the Professor in-charge for rectification and smooth management.

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