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“Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery and would exist if all humanity forgets it, so it is with the laws that govern the spiritual world. The moral, ethical and spiritual relations between soul and soul and between individual spirits and the Father of all spirits were there before their discovery and would remain even if we forget them.”

~ Swami Vivekananda


Financial and other aids are available to students from Government and college source for encouraging and promoting higher education among needy and deserving students. Such aids are noted below for information of the students.

1. National Scholarship :

The scholarships are awarded on the results of Annual H.S.C. and Annual H.S.S.C. Examinations every year to the top meritorious candidates securing 60% or above marks. The scholarships are renewed from year to year subject to achievement of good standard i.e. (50% marks) in the examination.

2. Scholarships for Children of Primary and Secondary School Teachers :

This scholarship is awarded to the children of school teachers securing 60% or above marks in the Annual H.S.C. Examination or H.S.S.C. Examination in order of merit.

3. Senior College merit scholarship :

These are awarded on the results of Higher Secondary and +2 Examinations for a period of three year at the rate of Rs. 501/- per month. These scholarship are open to student of Arts, Science & Commerce Classes and are awarded on provincial basis in consideration of merit alone.

4. Post-Matric scholarship to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribe for studies :

There is a scheme of Post-matric Scholarships for the Scheduled Caste and Tribes for studies in India.

(a) Object :

The object of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribe students studying at +2 classes or +3 degree stage so as to enable them to complete their education.

(b) Scope :

These scholarships are valid for studies in India only and are awarded by the Government of the State. Union Territory to which the applicant actually belong i.e. permanently settled.

5. Stipend for the children of freedom fighters :

Benefits of this Scheme are admissible to children, adopted children and step children of freedom fighter, bonafide refugee from Pakistan, Permanent resident in the State of Orissa. Grand children through predeceased sons are also eligible to apply. In these cases a certificate from the Head of the institution that the name of adopted father has been recognized and entered in the admission register should be enclosed. Intending applicants should submit’ their application duly filled in form ‘A’ alongwith a certificate in form ‘B’ certified by M.P. / M.L.A. / District Magistrate. The prescribed application form can be had from the office of the Director, Higher Education, Orissa, Bhubaneswar.

6. Stipend for physically handicapped students :

Stipends under the scheme are awarded to the blind, deaf, orthopaedically handicapped students. Application in the prescribed form obtainable from the office of the Collector, Jagatsinghpur are to be submitted by the students under this category.

7. Educational concession to the children of ex-service personal :

This concession is meant only for the children and dependants of ex-service personnel who are permanent residents of Orissa-Book grant. i.e. Rs. 40/- per annum per student. The eligible students desirous of availing the grant should apply in the prescribed form together with necessary certificates to that effect from the Secretary Zilla Sainik Board.

8. Educational concession to children of army personnel :

The concession is meant for the children and dependants of all service personnel belonging to O.M.P. jawans who are in active service. Such students will be awarded book grant and exemption of tution fees.

9. Scholarship to students of Non-HIndl speaking state for Post-Matric studies in Hindi :

The scholarship is awarded to students studying Hindi in the Non-Hindi speaking states.

10. Free Studentship :

Full or half studentship is awarded to the students every year on merit-cum proverty basis. Applications are generally invited by a notice and decision taken on the recommendation of Fee Studentship Boards which is duly notified.

Free studentship not exceeding 12.5% of total number of students on the rolls as per Article No. 125 of Orissa Education Code is awarded to the students every year. Total number of students on the rolls means total number without excluding any one.

11. Help from Students’ Aid Fund :

There is a Students’ Aid Fund with the object of rendering financial assistance to deserving students to meet their examination

fee expenses or purchase of books, medical expenses etc. if their needs are considered genuine. No scholarship, stipend, loan, prize, reward etc. will be given from this fund.

12. Withdrawal of Scholarships :

Sholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the progress or conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory. Authority to withdraw a scholarship will be exercised by the inspecting office in the case of school scholarships. In the case of scholarships paid by District Boards, the authority will be exercised by the Board acting on the recommendation of the District Inspector. .

(Article 705 of the Orissa Education Code 59).

13. Re-award of Scholarships :

When a scholarship which has been awarded has not been taken up or has been vacated owing to the death of the scholar, or for any other reason, are-award may be made at the discrection of the Director, or in the case of school scholarship, at the discretion of the Inspector. In such cases the scholaships will be tenable from the date of award to the end of the period for which the scholarship was originally awarded.

(Article 706 of the Orissa Education Code)

14. Leave other than sick leave :

Absence with leave upto seven day (one time) will entail no loss of scholarship. Longer absence with leave other than sick leave will entail loss of scholarship of the whole period of absence. The Headmaster or the Principal may however grant leave without loss of scholarship upto thirty days to a scholar who suffers the loss of a parent or wife or child.

15. Sick Leave :

Absence on account of illness upto seven days; at onetime certified to the satisfaction of the Headmaster or Principal will entail no loss of scholarship. But if the scholar is absent on this accounts for short period more than three times in the course of one year, or the absence is protracted beyond seven days a medical certificate must be furnished signed by an Assistant Surgeon. If the required certificate is not produced the period of absence will be treated as absence without leave. On the production of the prescribed medical certificate half of the scholarship may be granted, if the period of absence does not exceed three months at a time. Absence for more than three months upto a limit of six months at a time will entail loss of scholaship for the period of absence. Continuous absence for more than six months will ordinarily entail forfeiture of the scholarship.

(Article 708 of the Orissa Education Code)

16. Additional Rule for Scholarship holder :

Students whose scholarship is tenable in the S.V.M. College, Jagatsinghpur may get their scholarship transferred from this college when they take their transfer certificates provided they make an application to the Principal to this effect.

17. Sanskrit Scholarship sponsored by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan :

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Deemed University), New Delhi invites application in the prescribed form for award of merit scholarship to regular students studying sanskrit in Higher Secondary and Graduation level every year in August based on the eligibility criteria and conditions that appear in the notification. Students are required to take a note of it and apply through the Head of the institution in time to get the benefit.

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