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“Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery and would exist if all humanity forgets it, so it is with the laws that govern the spiritual world. The moral, ethical and spiritual relations between soul and soul and between individual spirits and the Father of all spirits were there before their discovery and would remain even if we forget them.”

~ Swami Vivekananda

Youth Red Cross

The Youth Red Cross was introduced in the College in the year 1994. Both +2 and Degree students can be members of Y.R.C. The motto of YRC is “To Serve”.

Aim of Y.R.C.

The aim of Y.R.C. are

(a) Promotion of Health and Hygiene

(b) Service to others

(c) World Friendliness


The objectives to Youth Red Cross shall be to train the Zealous youth in the fundamental principles of the Red Cross, so that they remain imperturbable, unwearying, unflassening and develop in them the elements of quiet self sacrifice when disasters strike humanity: Keeping this in view the YRC shall endeavour as follows for :

(a) Promotion of potentialities of the Yourth to enable them to render skilled philanthropic service to ned up by a sense of self sacrifice for the mitigation of suffering of the needy and the distressed. Promotion of health hygience and sanitation and cognate subjects among the members of the Community for prevention of diseases and mitigation of suffering.

(c) Promotion of motivations among the youth for fostering friendship and fraternity at the National and International level.

(d) Promotion of qualities of leadership and traits of personality among the youth.

(e) Promotion of the spirit self reliance and dignity of labour among the youth.

(f) Promotion of training in various skills to render qualified service to the needy.

(g) Promotion of factors which may contribute to the establishment of place at the National and International level.

Activities :

Every year the YRC conducts various training progrommes by arranging camps by volunteers to fulfil the objectives of YRC. The YRC organises a Blood Donation Camp in the College each year. The YRC of the College sends selected volunteers to take part in the Zonal and Inter-state YRC Camps. From the year 2007-2008 a Red Ribbon Club will be established under YRC to make the students aware about AIDS.

Red Ribbon Club :

Red Ribbon Club has been formed in the college to create awarness in order to combat HIV & AIDS. The club consisting of a team of youth volunteers those will have commitment to work for increase of knowledge and change of behaviour through awarness building . The club will work in the field of HIV/AIDS awarness starting with peers in the college and gradually spread the message to family and community around it.

Objectives of the formation of Red Ribbon Club

The following are the objectives of red ribbon club :

(1) Greater understing among the volunteers on HIV/AIDS

(2) Develop capacity of pier leader to work as resource persons in the field of HIV/AIDS.

(3) Use the club members to promote regular voluntary blood donations

(4) Spread the message of AIDS awarness among the peer groups, local communities and family members of the club.

(5) Encourage the club members to adopt healthy life style and discuss it with other members of the student community.

(6) Adoption of healthy life style will result in a behaviour change process.

Selection criteria :-

(a) Volunteers should be from all classes.

(b) He/She should have a track record and acceptance in the student community.

(c) Having leadership quality

(d) Experience of participation in YRC / NCC / NSS / Student Union activities.

(e) Having interest and faith in social service.

(f) Good communication skill.

Students can apply in a prescribed format for enrollment as member of Red Ribbon club in consultation with prof-in-charge YRC wing of the College.

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